A general Critical Care Ultrasonography workshop: results of a novel Web-based learning program combined with simulation-based hands-on training. (Chandler)

J Crit Care. 2013 Apr;28(2):217.e7-12. PMID: 22762931

PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to facilitate attainment of Critical Care Ultrasonography (CCUS) competence.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We developed a Web-based learning program followed by simulation-based hands-on training in noncardiac CCUS for novice learners. We administered knowledge and skills tests before and after the workshop and conducted surveys on confidence levels using a 10-point Likert scale. Knowledge tests were conducted online, and skills tests were video-captured for evaluation.

RESULTS: Sixteen physicians participated in a 4-hour combined vascular and thoracic CCUS workshop, and 23 in a 2-hour abdominal CCUS workshop. In the combined vascular and thoracic workshop, the mean (SD) pre-workshop and post-workshop knowledge scores were 24 (4) and 33 (5), respectively, out of 43 (P < .001). The pre-workshop and post-workshop skill scores were 15 (5) and 23 (2), out of 28 (P < .001). In the abdominal workshop, the pre-workshop and post-workshop knowledge scores were 11 (3) and 18 (2), out of 20 (P < .001). The pre-workshop and post-workshop skill scores were 6 (3) and 15 (2), out of 16 (P < .001). Learners’ confidence increased significantly in both workshops (P < .001).

CONCLUSIONS: Our novel hybrid educational workshop on general CCUS significantly improved knowledge, skills, and confidence levels. Our flexibly scheduled module can be a practical option for the busy intensivist.

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