Laundry detergent “pod” ingestions: a case series and discussion of recent literature. (Petrillo)

Pediatr Emerg Care. 2013 Jun;29(6):743-7. PMID: 23736069

OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this study were to present and explore the clinical presentation of the increasingly common pediatric exposure to the widely available single-use laundry packets or “laundry pods.”

METHODS: This is a case report of 4 pediatric patients with significant toxicity due tolaundry pod detergent exposure and a review of the available literature including abstract-only publications.

RESULTS: An unexpectedly severe clinical pattern was noted; 3 of the 4 children required intubation for management, airway injury was noted in 1 of them, and 2 of them had hospital courses of at least 1 week. The literature suggests that laundry pod exposures are associated with increased morbidity compared to traditional laundry detergent exposures. To date, no specific contaminant or component has been identified as being responsible for the injury, although some evidence points to the surfactant component.

CONCLUSIONS: A different approach to the triage and management of pediatric exposures to laundry detergent pod ingestions is required compared with nonpodingestions. Although the exact cause is not known, practitioners should be vigilant for rapid onset of neurological impairment and inability to protect the airway in addition to its caustic effects.

Full-text for Children’s and Emory users.

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